Letters, invoices, brochures and statements…how many pieces of paper do you fold in a day? As well as the daily ‘grind’, we’ve all felt the ‘burn’ after a day of folding paper, and we’ve found the solution!

FOLD-EASE® is versatile and for all paper folding and card folding. The simple, small ‘thimble-like’ patented device is lightweight and breathable, and pops on the finger or thumb (even accommodating fingernails) comfortably.

Not only are paper folding and card folding tasks quicker with FOLD-EASE® but the fold has a crisper, more precise line.  No need to suffer friction burns or spend money on folding machines! See Video.

FOLD-EASE® is protected under patent GB2479065 and EU Design Registration No. 002302018-0001. 

Not suitable for children under 3 years.