Great blog review of FOLD-EASE from louloulovesbooks

Posted: 27th May 2014

Another discovery was the Fold Ease. A finger thimble with rollers on. For the bookbinders among you, it’s a bone folder for your finger.
Check me out.

They call me Bone Fingers. Anyway, after a bit of practice as it takes some getting used to, these are quite useful little folders. You simply sweep the paper with them and you obtain a precision crease which will appeal to the perfectionists. Even if you only buy one to fold your letters with. It keeps the costs down in the Royal Mail if you keep your papers folded flat as poss. These dudes come in two sizes, there’s a gap for your nail if you have talons and they are only £2.99 with free postage if you buy a couple. Fold Ease from here