A great FOLD-EASE review from Pen Paper Ink Letter!

Posted: 3rd Jun 2014

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FOLD-EASE Paper and Letter Folding Tool


I have gotten feedback on this, the Fold-Ease paper folding tool, already from some people after posting a Vine video and some pics on twitter. It seems you either get it or you don’t. I personally just happen to get it. It’s not for the person that writes a letter once a month or who uses paper only when they need to wipe something. This is for people who work with paper or have a hobby that creates a lot of paper to be folded. I’ve done a few repetitive task jobs in my life and one just so happened to include a load of folding paper. I would have LOVED to have had one of these. I regularly got  either paper cuts or burns and often times the paper wasn’t folded perfectly. Again, for the layman this might seem like a bit of an overstatement but I assure you that the end of your finger having cuts or burns regularly is an issue.


So, for those that now understand the problem, I’ll move on to how well the Fold-Ease works in solving it. It’s a super simple idea. I can see this having come from someone who might have used or seen someone use a thimble or having wrapped tape around their finger. It looks to be born out of a need. It does look a bit silly, especially with the three colors drawing your attention to the way it works but from a branding standpoint that is likely going to help them to stand out. Its a small rubber fingertip cover with two tiny rolling pins that roll across the paper to make the fold.


The rollers help make this product better than a simple finger cover because it’s not just going to keep your finger happy it will also help make a better fold. It helped me to not wrinkle my folds or smudge them, which is a real problem for us fountain pen folks.

I think the Fold-Ease is a great product for those that need it. If you scrapbook or make lots of folds in letter writing or other hobbies or actually have a job folding and stuffing envelopes or a similar task I think you’ll love this. It even has a slit at the end for ladies with longer nails. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and they were at the London Stationary Show this year.